Stereo Mastering

You mix your music and make sure the version you send me is an uncompressed stereo file.
This gives me much better control over loudness and frequency balance.

I will master your stereo file for the intended platform.
€ 100

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Your first song is mastered for free!

stem mastering

Stem Mastering

You did a great job on your mix.
To give me more freedom over loudness and frequency balance, you group your tracks into 'stems' so I can mix these for you.
You send me a group of premixed tracks.

I will mix and master your stem files for the intended platform.
€ 250



When you have heard your song for hours you might become 'deaf' to the final product.
Fresh ears can be very useful to finalize your baby to perfection.
You send me all the separate audio tracks.

I will mix your multitrack to a stereo file.
€ 750

Sliding scale for eligible clients, or projects.

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Production checklist:

Example of Maximum Peak Range between -6 dBTP and -3dBTP on your Master Bus.

No Red Lights!

Masterfader at minus 6 dB

Any questions or in need of sound advice?