Let me introduce myself.

Since the early ’80s, I have recorded and mixed countless projects.

Pop/rock/jazz bands, 15-25 piece orchestras, solo artists, commercials, live recordings, the list goes on…

Sander with Herman_Brood

Recording session with Herman Brood.

In the early ’90s, I became a pilot.

I flew all over the planet as airline captain on wide body aircraft.
In 2015 I retired, having logged 13,000 flying hours.

Sander in cockpit

In the Boeing 767 cockpit transatlantic.

Hello, my name is Sander Bos, professional recording and mixing engineer.

Today, I focus on mixing and mastering music projects.

Sander at Mixaer

At my present workstation.

For recording and mixing albums for Demis Roussos and Synthesizer Greatest, I received 6 Ampex Golden Reel Awards in total.

For an overview of my work throughout the years, check out my listing on Discogs.com.

Shortlist of artists I have had the pleasure to have known.

Ben Liebrand, Billy Preston, Centerfold, Chris Hinze, Dick Bakker, Earth & Fire, De Dijk, Demis Roussos, Dick Dale, Doe Maar, Dolly Dots, Ed Starink (Synthesizer Greatest), Eddy Ouwens, Forrest, Frank Purcel, Fruitcake, Future World Orchestra, Helmut Lotti, Jack Jersey, Jerney Kaagman, John Ewbank, Hans van Eijck, Hans Vermeulen & the Rainbow Train, Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, Kimera (Opera Express), Lafleur, Laura Fygi, Lee Towers, Marco Borsato, Mathilde Santing, Mariska Veres, MDMC, Noah Howard Quartet, Pierre Kartner, Risqué, Robbie van Leeuwen, Steve Rowland, The Bollands, The Broads, The Limit, The Smurfs (yes, I know them well ;-), Thunderstorm, Toots Thielemans, Vanessa, and many, many more.

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